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ATL Low Volt provides a wide range of low voltage technology services including Phone System Services, Alarm System Services, Audio/Video Services for commercial and residential properties in the Johns Creek, Atlanta, Athens area.

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Closed Circuit Video Systems/Surveillance

Security camera systems have evolved considerably through the years. Today’s low voltage video surveillance systems can be customized to fit most any need and most any environment, from big office buildings, to residential houses, to outdoor parking lots and yards. Installing a low voltage closed circuit video surveillance system will give you peace of mind and allow you to keep an eye on what happens in your home or office when you are away. If it’s installed properly, that is.

Setting up your low voltage closed circuit video surveillance system, however, even on a smaller scale like in a single room, can be tricky. And while today’s technology makes it possible to purchase a very effective surveillance system for a relatively low price, you might find that not installing it properly the first time around can be quite costly in the end. Replacing the system is far more expensive than paying for experienced help that should be used in the first place.

ATL Low Volt has years of experience installing low voltage closed circuit video surveillance systems in the Atlanta metro area. Our Low Voltage Specialists know everything there is to know about most any surveillance system that exists, and can quickly and efficiently set up your closed circuit surveillance system no matter how big or small the project. They have experience and are well trained when it comes to working with computer based systems as well as digital video recording (DVR) systems and they know how to safely run wires in the most efficient way, based on your building or home’s architecture.

Save yourself the headaches, time and money that attempting to install your own low voltage closed circuit video surveillance system may bring. Trust ATL Low Volt with the installation, and let our specialists take the guess work out of the whole process. Why risk messing up the system you purchased to protect what you value the most? Let us help you gain the peace of mind you deserve. Call today for more information and free consultation.

Access and Intercom Systems

No one wants their front door to open for just anyone. You have good reason to want to monitor and control who enters your house or office building. This is why more and more home owners and office building managers are turning to access and intercom systems to help them better monitor visitors.

Access systems usually require the user to swipe an access card in order to gain access to the area beyond where the system is installed. There are many other types of access systems, and ATL Low Volt is the best company to help you choose the one that will work best for you based on your unique needs and situation. Access systems also allow you to know who entered the protected area and at what time, so that you can know who was in the office if something were to happen.

While access systems are usually used in a corporate environment, some home owners choose to have a access control system installed in their home in order to protect valuable items or information. An access control system does much more than a safe ever could. It is a far better way to deny access to anyone who does not belong, and allows you to protect even bigger objects without renting out a vault at the bank.

Intercom systems have been around in office, corporate and municipal buildings forever, and are now becoming increasingly popular amongst home owners. An intercom system at your front door allows you to speak to visitors from the comfort of your own couch without having to get up and deal with unannounced visitors. A low voltage intercom system within your house is a great way to tell the kids dinner is ready without having to shout from the bottom of the stairs. In bigger buildings, intercom systems are often a must. Apartment buildings use them to allow visitors to connect with individual tenants. Schools use them for mass announcements, or to communicate with a particular classroom.

Whatever your needs, you can count on ATL Low Volt to install your low voltage access and intercom system quickly and efficiently. No matter the size of the project or of your budget, our expert electricians can help. ATL Low Volt has years of experience installing and repairing low voltage access and intercom systems. Give us a call today for all your access and intercom system needs and questions, or for a free consultation and estimate. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Home Theater

Technology today is astounding, especially when it comes to modern day home theater systems. Be it and HDTV, plasma, LCD or even the new and impressive 3D home theater systems, a great system that is properly installed can provide a real theater feel and experience in your own home. We are Johns Creek ‘s number 1 experts at installing home theater systems, with skilled, experienced technicians. By contracting us, you can be certain that you get the best home theater experience possible, we take care of everything. Well, except you have to supply your own popcorn!

  • We can integrate all your audio and video components so they seamlessly tie into to your high screen television, so all your equipment works together.

  • We can install your LCD or LED Television monitor on your wall, saving you space, providing ambiance, and completing the full home theater experience. We can even safely mount your big screen HDTV on the ceiling if you like!

  • Mounting a big screen high def television unit over your fireplace can look phenomenal, but unless you know what you’re doing, it can be a costly proposition. We have vast experience when it comes to fireplace mantel installation.

  • You’ve bought your home theater system, had it installed, remodeled or had a change of mind and want your system moved. We can relocate your system, outlets, whatever you need, to get your home theater where you want it, when you want it.

  • Restaurants, Doctor’s offices, even mechanic waiting rooms take full advantage of the diversionary entertainment that home theater systems offer their patrons, as do many other businesses. We can install, wire, or even move home theater systems for commercial businesses as well.

Whatever your home theater needs, the technicians at ATL Low Volt are well versed and skilled when it comes to handling the technology aspects of your system. We can install and wire any unit, most anywhere. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, or if you simply want references. We’re here to help.

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